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KGM Suppressors are engineered to enhance or maintain the host weapon system accuracy. Our
patented gas flow pathing enhances stability of every round passing through the suppressor. This
reduces point of impact shift and improves precision of the host weapon system.
KGM Suppressors utilize a stoichiometric design to ensure the flash is contained within the suppressor,
providing little to no flash when firing the weapon in both the visible and other spectrums.
KGM Suppressors employ the patented Adjustable Port End Cap (APECTM). The APECTM sheers the
energy of the high-pressure gases, reducing the recoil of the weapon system. Users can tune the APEC to
tailor the recoil reduction, enabling the shooter to stay on target.
Additionally, the KGM APEC allows for lower system backpressure. Allowing weapon systems to run
better, smoother, for longer.
KGM Suppressors Integrated Gas Flow (IGFTM) designs eliminates over-gassing and decreases toxic
gasses to the shooter.
KGM Suppressors not only significantly reduce the sound and pressure to the shooter, but also modify
the tonal characteristics of the weapon. This reduced and modified downrange signature, significantly
enhances combat effectiveness.